Coffee With Friends

lexington sc coffee shop

Our purpose is all about the love we have for our clients who crave the unexpected. This love drives us to constantly invent fresh, new, flavor-filled delights each day for their breakfast, lunch or dinner and be raptured by it. We are committed to making sure our passion for quality reveals itself with each bite and sip. We begin each day at 7 am ready with the hustle and bustle of our busy breakfast, espresso, and cappuccino friends, who drop by for their morning sugar jolt or caffeine injection. We have freshly baked scones, muffins, and breakfast sandwiches, or one of our flaky croissants stuffed with yummy chicken salad ready and waiting for them to take for their lunch later. After that, we turn into a lazy and comfortable spot for our techy friends to surf wi-fi and lay around as the day passes.

As the sun starts to set, and the quiet repose starts to diminish, the afternoon and night vibe we emit brings out our other sun-down friends that are in search of a place to enjoy one of our White Chocolate Strawberry Martinis and unwind from the busy day. So, whichever friend you are to us, we want you to know that your Cinnamon Brown Sugar Ice Cream, Banana Pudding or Bourbon Pecan cake, or your melted Praline-topped Apple Pie is always waiting for you. Think of us when you need that special hand-crafted treat to give, share or keep all to yourself!

Lexington's Locally Owned Bakery and Café

Locally Brewed. Locally Owned. Locally Enjoyed.

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